Before You Move

Moving To Do List

1. When looking for a moving company, always make sure the company you hire is licensed and insured. Your household items are a part of your livelihood and hold tremendous sentimental value. Hiring someone who does not have cargo, agreg or liability is a liability in itself and can cost you more than you think you are saving.

2. Always hire a company with moving experience. Just because it's a new company does not mean they are experienced. During your conversation with the company in question, you don't want to feel overwhelmed by the person you are speaking with. Most companies want to take complete control over the situation and bombard you with a multitude of questions to try and engage you in a commitment. This person is not concerned with your wants or needs. They are concerned with numbers. You most assuredly want to be totally in control of your conversation. Most of all, be comfortable with whom you are speaking. Remember, you are hiring someone to provide a service for you and this service is expensive. You want the best service your money can buy. Don't feel like you have to commit when you are overwhelmed by a pushy salesman or frustrated by anxiety. Take your time and find someone you are comfortable with on the phone. Chances are your moving experience will be much more rewarding. Overwhelmed, frustrated, anxiety = terrible experience. Comfortable, at ease, peace of mind = happy customer.

3. Hiring a questionable company or cheap labor from the internet, let's be real here... you get what you pay for and chances are not in your favor. The internet is inundated with professional con artists. Craig's List, Angie's list, etc. I've seen hundreds of ads where people post two men and a truck for $60 an hour. What are the odds that these people are insured and your household goods are safe and secure. Here is an example:

  • You paid $2,000 for your television. You are paying $60 an hour and your move, eight hours later, at the destination address, you discover your tv has a huge crack in the screen. No one has brought it on your own. Yes, you only paid $480 so far, but you just lost $1520 because your movers are not insured. There is no way to recover from your loss. So you decided to bring it to the attention of the guy that is in charge of the move and he decided to hold the rest of your household goods ransom because you engage in a confirmation with him about receiving compensation for your loss. Now you are in a fix and a bad situation. You want the rest of your belongings and he has ceased the unloading but you are still on the clock. Time is running. The money you once thought you were saving has now become a huge loss. Now take this into consideration, one of the guys on the crew falls and breaks a leg on your property or in your house (Remember: you have no written contract). It's very likely that this type of service has nothing but manpower. What are the chances that this guy now wants to sue you? Very likely!

4. Experience is education. More often than not, people are completely unprepared for their move. Whether it be residential, commercial or business. Because there are so many factors to take into consideration. Which causes a tremendous, overwhelming feeling of anxiety which can lead to poor decision making. Like hiring a company that is only concerned with monetary value. Hiring a company that is more concerned with your needs, wants, concerns, and limiting your personal stress level is often more satisfying. A company that takes your personal needs and concerns into consideration and values them more than the dollar is a company you can trust. YOu want to hire a company that is willing to provide a service that exceeds your expectations, not a company that expects you to accept what they are willing to offer.

5. No company can guarantee satisfaction! Satisfaction comes from the service provided. When you choose a moving company make sure they are attentive to your needs and not their own agenda. Don't hire companies with hidden fees. Make sure that you ask all the questions that you think are important.